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This course is designed to launch your injecting practice with a comprehensive neurotoxin injecting didactic and clinical curriculum. Upon completion, you will be prepared and competent to start your neurotoxin injecting service whether it be just-for-fun friends and family, mobile concierge service, or for establishing an office-based aesthetic practice.

NEW FOR 2021:

The lecture is now entirely available online via elearning. You will receive both in person lectures but also access to the entire lecture for future reference.

Attendees will practice injecting saline on each other. As neurotoxin results are not immediately seen and learning to inject such small volumes takes some practice, training with saline makes the most sense.

Confers 9 AANA CEUs, 1 pharmacology credit.


Dermal filling is the art of rebuilding facial structure and replacing lost facial volume. This course is appropriate only for those APRNs who intend on injecting out of a proper office-based setting. Additionally, filler requires regular practice of both assessment and injection, so this is not for those who want a casual side business.

Upon completion of this didactic heavy course, you will be prepared as a beginning injector focusing on building up bone structure of the cheek, jaw and chin as well as an introduction into lip fillers. Most importantly we will focus on safety so that you can continue to build upon a strong foundation of fundamentals and safe injecting techniques.

Attendees may bring a model or serve as a model themselves.

Confers 9 AANA CEUs, 1 pharmacology credit.


Never run a business before? Learn the ins and outs of starting your own practice. How to form a corporation, compliance, malpractice, managing the books, accepting payment, scheduling, marketing, social media and more. This will give you the confidence you need to start your practice with the proper infrastructure to grow.

Confers 9 AANA CEUs, 1 pharmacology credit.


Aura Aesthetics Academy E-Learning: Online learning and education for growing your aesthetics practice and improving your injecting skills.

Now includes Fundamentals of Neurtoxins and Business of Aesthetics Courses!

Confers 9 AANA CEUs, 1 pharmacology credit.


Have a group of providers or your office staff that would like to be trained in neurotoxin and/or dermal fillers? I may be able to bring the class to you! I will bring teaching materials, products and supplies to teach you as well as RNs, NPs, MDs and PAs with whom you will be working. This is a private course so I can structure it specifically to your goals.

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